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Back from School

Our Story

Family owned and operated. Platinum Cleaners Pty Ltd was established in 2023 by me - Naomi, a mum of two young kids in school and kindy, working full time hours in a factory and doing all the things to keep a tidy and organised home. Before I knew it, the laundry began to pile up higher and higher, week after week. I was walking on crumbs after not getting to the vacuuming and then I noticed mould in the shower. My kids started misbehaving and feeling the stress we were under too. I didn’t have TIME. The bills kept coming in and they kept getting more expensive, my life admin was down the drain, literally. I looked around, put up a few posts and found a cleaner through Facebook groups and I’m so thankful, she was the solution that solved all my problems. For a while, she was just the cleaner... then I learned she was much more… she had it all… BALANCE.
-Worked her own hours around her family’s needs.
-Brought in enough income to keep their heads above water.
-Had TIME for life admin.

I LOVED coming home to a clean space once a week after she had been. I thought to myself… this would be a great job. Such a sense of accomplishment and genuinely helping people in need (sometimes helping way more then you know).

With this Platinum Cleaners was born.

It’s not just about how we can help you, its how you can help us and how we can help each other take back our lives.
It truly is our passion to HELP.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time or capacity to clean, please reach out to us. An obligation free quote is only a message away from finding your feet again.

From one former overwhelmed mum, business owner, manager, worker to another.

And to that cleaner – Thank you. Thank you so much for showing me what I was missing.

Warm regards,
Naomi and two thriving kids!

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